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Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

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50 thoughts on “Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

  1. mister obvio says:

    usa is not hole america ahit!

  2. But then I still got fat when I stayed in Japan for just only 3 months. I think discipline is their secret which also applies on their eating habit.

  3. wtf Denmark the highest cancer rate,werent they declared like the happiest nation or something wow

  4. Mark O'Cain says:

    The Japanese dentists need to try harder.

  5. Okay dude, you got me.
    I am ready to spend more money in healthy food than save by buying cheap food!

  6. Kyudo Kun says:

    I'm skeptical about this: I don't think Japan is the healthiest country in the world considering everywhere you go you see vending machines scattered around, where artificial goods are stored. Not to mention the price of the fruits are so damn high.

    The only thing I'm sure of is that, the Jap people are well discipline, they eat food moderately that's why they remain slim.

  7. Damn I saw my country at the 37 place in the top countries with the most cancers 00:20 …guess them "béké" really got us with their kepone huh.

  8. Small portions(of healthy food) means less nutrients

  9. In America people have no time for healthcare because of overload of work they take processed food and also most of the Americans are obese due to that… They even take shower once in 3-4 days…

  10. The food isn't as trash as some countries. That alone is already enough to answer the question.

  11. It’s frustrating that a lot of the “fresh” products being sold in supermarkets is GMO or has other chemicals commonly used in agriculture. Unfortunately it’s pretty hard to find true natural products in the US and U.K. as we’ve become accustomed to huge ripe looking fruits and vegetables looking more appealing than natural produce from farm shops or organic companies. Not to mention that organic products are dramatically more expensive.

  12. gallimead says:

    Newsflash:. It's not just Japan that has smaller portion sizes.

  13. Saylor Moon says:

    Because they don't live in a society that wants to profit from their sickness because they need strong workers.

  14. Falney says:

    "Portion sizes are smaller. Here is a typical lunch" That is small? I would hate to see what you used to eat. That is more than I have for lunch and I am huge.

  15. never ate organ meat until Japan. (cow tongue, pig intestine, etc). back in the day people would eat stuff like gizzards and liver in the US all the time

  16. HW Night says:

    Fresh foods vs Processed foods

  17. Julius Adams says:


  18. Julius Adams says:

    Most people in America are unhealthy because up so much obese MOST AMERICANS OVER EAT

  19. Mad A says:

    Idk wtf I did because I’m from America, but while I was living in Japan for 4 months, I gained 15-20 pounds…

  20. (170-32)*35*10/365=132 extra calories per day. Not 1000.

  21. I have an important question. Is there any spice to asian food at all? Or is it just bland always??

  22. J Boost says:

    Soda should be the number one reason or sugar

  23. Quit eating processed food. Stop eating baked goods. Stop soda. No more fast food.

  24. Dina love says:

    High quality food does cost more, and its clear Japanese people value quality over quantity. You can stay satisfied on little if its of high quality.

  25. Alvin Fuller says:

    It’s not rocket science, skip dinner and move more.

  26. Can you imagine getting rid of belly fat and bloating through the power of drinking and eating? Working out clearly shows that it gets rid of belly fat and bloating, but what if you could drink something delicious that has the same effect of working off fat? I work with a line of delicious products that seriously slim you down. And if pure interested I’ll gladly tell you more and even show you personal pictures of success on my insta! Just follow @carleyxxhealth for more info and pop me a message! Great video as well 💕💕

  27. AJtheory says:

    8:25 – Why Don't You Have Anything To Drink? Choose One, Making You Better Feeling!

  28. Aviana Small says:

    Does anyone know what kind of fish that is as 5:535:55 the bony fish

  29. Doug Ronald says:

    He didn’t even mention bento boxes in Japan. It’s automatic portion control. Bento boxes also get the Japanese eating various samples of food items instead of binging on larger portions of fewer items.

  30. Here in Brazil (at least outside of the big big metropoles) food also is "real" more than processed. And we eat a lot of organs meat too(the most famous food here for outsiders is Feijoada, with have a lot of theses types of meat), but fish isint that commom for us. Sadly, and sugar drinks also is famous. I stop with theses 2 years ago. but we as country really like coca-cola…and the nacional drink Guaraná(urg, is the most tentation..)

  31. luisgentil says:

    I got tired of trying to lose weight after over a decade of working out regularly, eating whole wheat foods, replacing sugar for sweeteners, avoiding sweet foods, drinking lots of green tea and forcing myself to eat fruits and vegetables. So I went through bariatric surgery and lost almost 100 lb. The ridiculous part is how simple my diet has become compared to what nutritionists prescribed me before. Instead of an overwhelming variety of vegetables, seeds, fruits and nuts I was supposed to eat, I was basically given two rules: cut out all caloric beverages and prioritize protein intake. So I got used to not drinking with my food (never drank soda, beer or juice again) and started to include more meat, eggs and cheese in my diet. I stopped eating whole meals based on cakes, breads and cookies, which was very common before, and started to snack on a piece of cheese, beef jerky/dried sausages or something whey supplemented. My mother who nagged me about my body my entire life is now worried because I'm too skinny. I found out my abs have muscles. By blood exams show healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides for the first time in my life. It's kind of outrageous how much misinformation is out there about weight loss.

    I don't mean anything that I said to disagree with the video. A lot of it makes sense based on my personal experience. But it doesn't mean that what works for the Japanese will work for everyone. Japan is a small island where seafood is widely available in a huge variety and is probably cheap. Where I live beef and chicken are a lot easier to get. And the Japanese are used to mild flavors, with a lot less salt and sugar than Westeners are used to.

  32. Their not healthy 1 out of 3 people there is a smoker

  33. Tomoko in 4k says:

    They used to feed us like cattle in american school

  34. SeBu says:

    "Public transportation is impressively convenient and reliable"

    Sound of distant crying in germany

  35. Kanley West says:

    'Cause they don't have all the wh*sh** fast food Americans have.

  36. My Grandparents ate very moderate all life long. They died at age of 94 and 93 and had lean bodies with no belly at all, had been healthy and active all life long. I noticed, they ate almost no fat to very little. They did incorporate lemon in their diet everyday. They also ate more organic that time. They lived in India. Greetings from Germany!

  37. A Nii says:

    Fake japanese food isn’t at all so healthy just remember soy sauce is full of salt 🧂 plus msg stuff like that isn’t so healthy

  38. KK Caravan says:

    Vlog visit to Pakistan once. We welcoming you Pakistan is a beautiful country and paradise on earth

  39. Eu adoro o fato de ser usados estudos brasileiros para a argumentação

  40. Regular consumption of CoCo壱番屋 will definitely fix that calorie deficit you're experiencing…

  41. limplin7 says:

    Because they eat to live instead of live to eat

  42. im deadass a vegetarian and I sat here, watched a video mostly about meat, went “I should eat some of that if it helps improve skin elasticity,” remembered I was a vegetarian,

    Now I don’t know what to eat,

  43. Tutul Zaman says:

    Because japan has manga…

  44. Tidester says:

    I don't wanna eat anything now.

    Better go starve.

  45. That gut microbe stuff blew my mind.

  46. I thought this was every southeast Asian country

  47. e efilysp says:

    Mmm.. I think you are not being totally clear when it comes to rice, bread, and alcohol consumption in japan, which is sky high. I lived there myself. The fact that japanese people manage to stay thin doesn't seat well with the ketone diet, and you must surely be aware of that. Also italians eat more pasta than Americans by an order of magnitude, and they happen to be one of the most healthy people on the planet. I thumb you down on this one, because I feel you did not properly address this contradiction in your video.

  48. Did you check the mercury and other heavy metal levels? The food in Japan is both full of nutrients and full of toxins. See Minamata disease

  49. Let me guess. Fukashima?

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